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Installing Composer

Link: Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Installing Composer Link: Run this in your terminal to get the latest Composer version

php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
php -r "if (hash_file('SHA384', 'composer-setup.php') === '669656bab3166a7aff8a7506b8cb2d1c292f042046c5a994c43155c0be6190fa0355160742ab2e1c88d40d5be660b410') { echo 'Installer verified'; } else { echo 'Installer corrupt'; unlink('composer-setup.php'); } echo PHP_EOL;"
php composer-setup.php
php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');"

Running Composer:
_ Download the installer to the current directory
_ Run the installer

php composer.phar

Step 1:

mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/
vim ~/.bash_profile

Step 2: Add this to your .bash_profile

alias composer="php /usr/local/bin/composer.phar"

Step 3: relaunch your terminal
Step 4: Now just run composer in order to run Composer instead of php composer.phar.

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